Questions & Answers

What are you proposing?

Why are you doing this?

Which policies are transferring?

How many policies are transferring?

Do I have a vote on the transfer?

Does this mean you’re forming a new company?

Where can I find out more information about the new company my policy will be transferring to?

You recently transferred my policy from Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland Limited to Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited. Are you now transferring it back to the same company?

Where can I find more information about your proposal?

How will my interests as a policyholder or claimant be protected under the transfer?

Who’s the Independent Expert and what makes him independent?

Why are you telling me about this now?

What happens if the UK decides not to withdraw from the EU?

I'm not a policyholder, why have you written to me?

Why have you sent me several letters about the same thing?

I’ve received more than one letter with different phone numbers. Why?

I have opted out of receiving marketing/direct mail. Why have you ignored my request?